Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Soft Crab?

A soft crab is a soft-shell crab. These crabs have grown to be to large for their shells and have molted the shell. The crabs are removed from the water before their shell hardens again.

What is a #1 Jimmy?

#1 Jimmy’s are the most sought after crab. They are large crabs full of meat and the optimal crab for steaming.

What is local?
We pride ourselves on sourcing locally caught seafood on the Outer Banks. Some seafood is in higher demand than the Outer Banks can supply, so we do fly in some lobster and salmon for optimal fresh quality.
Why are the Alaskan Crab Legs frozen?

Alaskan Crab Legs are from Alaska, so in order for them to be edible the must be frozen for transportation to the Outer Banks from Alaska.


Where is Wanchese?
The Outer Banks is famous for fishing out of Wanchese. Wanchese is a local commercial port abundant with fish processing facilities. Most of our seafood is sourced from Wanchese fisherman.


How much is a serving per person?
We recommend a half pound of meat per serving, although some can eat a pound. We recommend 6-8 blue crabs per person and 1 lb per person for crab legs.


What is the Shrimp Count?
Shrimp count indicates how many pieces (individual shrimp) are in a pound. The higher the count the smaller and cheaper usually the shrimp are. The customer is paying for more meat and less work as the count goes down. We carry 36/40ct for our mediums they are the size of ones average pinky finger and our larges are 21/25 ct the size of ones average index finger.


Do we need to soak clams and mussles?
 No, they are very clean for the most part, rinse and enjoy! Can’t promise no grit though. 🙂